north carolina highway historical marker program
North Carolina Highway Historical Marker Program

  Highway Historical Marker Advisory Committee ...

Established by the 1935 enabling legislation was the Highway Historical Marker Advisory Committee, the group responsible for oversight of the program. The committee is composed of ten faculty members from four-year colleges and universities who are experts in one or more aspects of the state's history. Over the years many of this century's leading scholars of North Carolina history have served on the committee.

Members are appointed by the secretary of the Department of Cultural Resources and serve five-year terms. The committee generally meets twice a year, in the spring and fall. Their specific charge is to advise the secretary on the historical authenticity, relative merit, and appropriateness of each subject brought to their attention; to approve or disapprove each proposal; to fix the wording of the inscriptions; and to establish criteria for carrying out the program.

North Carolina Highway Historical Marker Advisory Committee-2019



north carolina highway historical marker program
first marker dedication
The first marker erected under the program (above) was dedicated alongside U.S. 15 in Stovall, Granville County, in 1936. (Marker District G)

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